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Deliver real-time feedback, motivate agents and continue to deliver expected service levels.

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QA software built for remote teams, by a remote team.

When you can't sit next to your team, maintaining service levels and quality can be tough. Built by a remote team, EvaluAgent gives QA teams the ability to evaluate from anywhere and share feedback with agents and team leaders remotely; in real-time! 

EvaluAgent remote teams

All the features you'd expect of a QA platform. Plus some designed specifically for remote teams.

Trusted by Contacts Centres. Big and Small.

Access your Quality Assurance Programme from anywhere.

Evaluate, coach and engage your customer service and sales teams to higher quality scores. 

  • Integrate your CRM. Evaluate tickets and calls remotely.
  • Reduce selection bias. Set up random ticket assignment and use workload management.
  • Maintain consistency. Hold remote calibration sessions and utilise Evaluator performance reporting. 
  • Deliver feedback to agents/team leaders in real-time and directly to their laptop.
EvaluAgent Reviews@2x

Live Reporting

When teams are working in different locations, quick and easy-to-use reporting features make all the difference.

EvaluAgent's live reporting tracks everything so you can easily keep stakeholders informed, manage compliance risks and highlight areas for improvement. 

FS - Line item performance report

Support Agents. Keep them motivated.

Maintain engagement, keep them informed and ensure they're capable of delivering a superior and compliant customer experience from anywhere.

  • Send completed evaluations to agents in real-time.
  • Ensure acknowledgement with SLAs.
  • Provide agents with a personalised dashboard of their own results and performance trends.
  • Enable the agent to access their own feedback and participate in the feedback and coaching process remotely.
Feedback and Engagement

Hold 1:1s Remotely

Holding effective 1:1s and coaching sessions are hard. A task made harder when not in the same room. 

EvaluAgent helps you support managers with template forms, and ensures that coaching and feedback is still happening.

With everything stored in a secure GDPR-compliant platform, EvaluAgent gives everyone access to their own sessions and it can even be used to support formal HR and performance management procedures too - No loose paper in sight!

More time coaching@2x

Secure access, anywhere

Your team only need an internet connection to use our Quality Assurance and Coaching platform.

Global brands trust us to keep their data secure and use permission-based access to ensure employees only see the data they need to. Allowing you to focus on service levels, not spreadsheets.

Stored calibration sessions@2x


Karine Teixera
Head of Customer Service, DV Ventures


" The prospect of multiplying quality forms, evaluations and keeping track of all the reporting through multiple excel files, multiple locations, multiple languages was quite discouraging.

On the contrary, working with Evaluagent opened more doors and allows us to tailor our QA program exactly as we wanted it.

We've seen team members are more engaged, as they receive feedback in real time and can see their progress and results in a very visual way."


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