In less than 10 years the contact centre as we know it will no longer exist. In its place will be a new generation of contact centre; staffed by highly capable super-agents, with a much deeper understanding of what customers really want and how to deliver exemplary customer service.

Download this guide and discover for yourself the steps you need to take, in order for your contact centre not just to survive, but to take its place among the A-list.

The contents at a glance:

Survival tip #1: Face the facts
In less than 10 years the contact centre as we know it will no longer exist.

Survival tip #2: Know your customer
Never underestimate the power of listening.

Survival tip #3: Don’t just listen – take action
Capture the true Voice of the Customer and act on the insight it delivers.

Survival tip #4: Recognise the need to significantly improve agent skills
Your agents are the lifeblood of your contact centre.

Survival tip #5: Acknowledge the limitations of pure Workforce Optimisation
When operational efficiency is counterproductive.

Survival tip #6: Put Workforce Engagement Management at the top of your agenda
Traditional operational management techniques are doomed to fail.

Survival tip #7: Get to know your agents
If you think managing your existing agents is difficult, wait till you meet the next generation.

Survival tip #8: Develop a healthy balance between efficiency, cost & agent happiness
Happy Agents = Happy Customers.

Survival tip #9: Embrace emerging technologies
Technology can achieve far more than just productivity and efficiency.

Survival tip #10: Be a leader not a follower
The customer experience rules and the contact centre will remain king.